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Indy Case is a market leader in the design and construction of high quality flight cases and other types of reusable shipping containers. Our cases are in use all over the world and are utilized for shipping audio visual gear, backline instruments, sports equipment, auto racing components, trade show displays, concert sound / lighting, tactical weapons, aerospace parts, and much more. In fact, critical components of the world's most sophisticated new fighter plane are shipped in our flight cases.


Frequently referred to as "flight cases", "road cases" and "transit cases", we build our products to order for each customer's needs. Whether you are shipping around the city, around the country, or around the world, our cases will provide the ultimate level of protection for your equipment.

Metal Fabrications

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Flite Line Series

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CNC Cutting Services

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Wood Fabrications

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X-Frame Series

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Only the highest quality materials go into our products.

The combination of Russian birch plywood, FORMICA® brand high pressure laminate, and our proprietary heavy-duty aluminum extrusions assure you the strongest flight case your money can buy.

Our standards in craftsmanship are unparalleled in our industry.

The construction of our cases begins with precision-cut components utilizing CNC routers and CNC extrusion cutting saws. Our case technicians are well trained and highly experienced.

Innovative design concepts are what set us apart from the average case company.

We are constantly rethinking and improving the design concepts of our industry. Never satisfied with "good enough", we refuse to lock ourselves into the reuse of traditional flight case designs. Just because it "ain't broke", doesn't mean we won't constantly try to fix it!

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